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My main focus is on voice acting, but I'm also a practiced and decent digital artist, musician, singer, tattooist, and food eater. Want to collaborate on a cool project? Shoot me a message, and maybe we can make some magic happen!

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New projects uploaded!

Posted by TheEighthHour - June 21st, 2018

It's always been a dream of mine to record myself singing versions of songs I love, but I never felt it was the right timing or circumstances. But thanks to someone I collaborated with telling me I should start doing it, I've begun recording vocal covers of different songs and posting them here to NewGrounds. Hopefully you guys enjoy them and would like to hear more, because I plan to record and upload more in the near future. Thanks for your time!


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i am glad you followed my advice. i lissend to your first song you uploaded and it isn't bad. i enjoyed lissening to it ^^ of course it can use some work but for the first time trying it it isn't bad at all ^^ i hope to hear from you more ;) (and i am looking forward to our future colabs)

Sounds awesome! Do you only do cover though? I’m not saying it’s bad, just, do you plan on making something all by yourself, I mean like creating it? It would be even more awesome if you ask me!

The one issue I'm running up against is that I don't know how to play the guitar as well as I might like, and I don't have a bass guitar. But I do plan on eventually making some originals. :)

@Natcl23 @TheEighthHour whatever you make, I’m not going to look down at it. As long as you do whatever you like. :)

Well, I will say I've been working on a comic series with my older brother that is getting close to being revealed. ;) Once that becomes a steady series, I can focus less on it, and more on some of my other creations.

@Natcl23 @TheEighthHour @TheEighthHour Well, hope you have fun doing whatever, hope to see some one day :)